About Me:

I'm a 28 year old Architect in Training from Trujillo Alto, Puerto Rico. I love everything that has to do with design, but my focus is on residential and commercial architecture in the urban environment through sustainable design practices. With a passionate belief that great design can enhance lives and make a difference to those that use and engage with it, my process involves examining each project’s context in order to come up with design solutions that feel appropriate to the situation at hand. ​​I enjoy working with people who share the same passion as I have for what they do. You'll find some examples of my work bellow and more will be uploaded in the near future.


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Selected Works

Inhabiting the In-Between

Thesis Project

In this urban scale intervention, the Gándara Park is stretched over an abandoned lot and the Muñoz Rivera Avenue. The Park reinstates a basic idea from the initial plan for the New Center for San Juan: a city of people over cars with mulit-modal living, dense, mixed use squares and open space for ephemeral use. A student housing building and apartment complex over commercial spaces defines the park's new perimeter to the southnand serves the Polytechnic University and other higher learning institutions with easy access to public transportation the heart of the the city. The building's design is based in the idea of the interstice as a filter or threshold between undeniably different spaces to control their relationship, where typically a void of activity would give way to urban decay. 

- Project completed with ArchiCad.

Bank of China

Academic Project

Connecting an abandoned strip of the Golden Mile in Hato Rey, the Bank of China faces the iconic "Wall-street of the Caribbean". The building starts off with just two levels and grows taller along with the surrounding buildings to reach a tower towards it's north facade. Following a simple rule of feng-sui, the long building is divided in to two faces, like a two headed dragon to attend the points of highest energy that challenge it's own energy. As the design grows vertically, it leaves great terraces overlooking a park to the west and the college campus to the east.

-Project completed with ArchiCad.

Resilient Cataño 

Academic Project

This city lays barely a meter above sea level and receives strong waves in stormy weather from it's north shore. It's east border is a residential penninsula in the San Juan Bay called La Puntilla. This sector began as a slum and takes most of the toll. The strategies implemented to protect the residents of La Puntilla are as follows: empty pools in skateparks attract a young crowd from Old San Juan and serve as flood water pits with drainage; a new street and series of multi-use parking spaces and plazas, crossing perpendicular to the shore, serve to let flood water flow through; houses that receive the highest impact have been redesigned with various methods of elevating housing over garages and water resistant commercial spaces; finaly, a boardwalk along the shore retracts the wave's braking point further back than the existing seawall.

Dorado Beach Resort, East Beach Villa - Lot 12

Professional Work

This beachfront, +14,000sqf villa is located in a luxurious gated community of custom-built homes in Dorado P.R. The main house has six bedrooms, eight bathrooms throughout its three levels, and a double height living room looking outward to the terrace, infinity pool, golf course and beach. To the east side of the property is the guesthouse with three bedrooms, two baths, it's own terrace and a pickleball court. The finishes for this villa have the feel of the beach and natural landscape with coraline tile and wood slat accent walls on the outside and open, white spaces on the inside. All main bathrooms showers are open to the exterior in one way or another to give the owners an intimate space to hear the waves and feel a connection to the outdoors. I carried this design from schematic phase to site visits during construction, although the design was based on the neighboring villas floorplan and style and then customized to be unique and fit the owner's specific needs. Revit was used for this project from the beginning, which helped the owner visualize changes as they happened in this fast-tracked project.

Dorado Beach Resort - West Beach V

Professional Work

This four story, six-unit condominium has two apartments on each of the first two floors and two duplex penthouse suites on it's third and fourth floor. The north facade opens up completely to the beach, as its all glass. Sliding doors hide into the walls to bring the view inside main bedrooms and living spaces. The biggest design challenge was coordinating the penthouses' rooftop pools with structural engineers and during construction, making sure the contractor understood the design. My involvement in this project started in the Design Development phase, as it had begun before my arrival at CMA Architects and Engineers. Still, I feel I was able to leave my print on the design. This project's documents were made completely in Auto-Cad, but a Revit model was necessary at one point for coordination purposes.

Sartorius Stedim Biotech - Solvent Recovery

Professional Work

Sartorius' new solvent recovery system will allow water and solvents to be re-used in an industrial scale to save money and bring this company's waste and environmental impact down considerably. Aside from coordination between engineering disciplines, the architecture scope encompassed a control room, electrical room and a pump closet to connect the tanks from the dyke to trucks carrying solvents.


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